Energy consultancy for the commercial world
UK Energy Plus have been providing commercial energy procurement services since 2007. We’ve helped over 100,000 businesses to find more cost-effective energy deals which has accumulatively saved them millions of pounds. With a wealth of expertise and fantastic supplier relationships we are well armed to assist your business in considerably cutting down on energy costs.

A bespoke buying strategy for your business
We understand that, as a large energy user you require a better approach when it comes to finding a cheaper deal on your gas and electricity. Our mission at UK Energy Plus has always been to save businesses money on their commercial gas and electricity and if your business consumes over 55,000 kwh of electricity or 200,000kwh of gas a year, the saving you could be making is huge. We invest our time, loving loyalty and industry into each proposal to secure the best deal for the clients. We work hard to simplify the market, which can become hard to predict, so you can focus on the most important thing, running your business.

Half hourly meters allow your usage to be measured more accurately.
If you have a maximum demand supply or if your business has a meter with a profile type 05, 06, 07 or 08, your bills will be calculated using half hourly consumption data and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) readers.

Half hourly meters allow your usage to be measured more accurately, potentially leading to cheaper energy bills in the future if you do not demand energy during peak periods.Our energy experts to answer any questions you may have about half hourly billing and will work with you to find a cheaper deal

Fixed contract

There seems to be a perception these days, that suppliers don‘t make it convenient for SME‘s to switch business energy in the first place. Here at UK Energy Plus we are committed to provide you the best deal and acting with complete clearness/open honesty.

Flexible contact

The second stage is the clever bit. Our energy comparison engine then compares all of the best deals and suppliers now offering energy in your area. In a matter of seconds, this information is presented to you and you will instantly be made aware of how much money you can save on your business energy bills. It is really as simple as that, no hitch and no language (used by experts).

Interruptible contract

We want you to get onto the cheapest energy tariff sooner rather than later, therefore we will take care of everything for you in order to commence your new, cheaper tariff as soon as possible. Our award nominated energy advisor have been doing this for years and will ensure that your business’ switch is as easy and simple as possible.