If you need a temporary supply during construction let us know.
In this instance you can apply to the distributor for a temporary connection within the site boundary which can be re-routed to your house once your build is complete.A temporary supply usually requires a secure and watertight cabinet to be installed within the site boundary containing meter tails (wires), consumer unit and power point already installed by a qualified electrician.

Distribution network opeartor
To arrange a new electricity connection for your self build home or for a temporary supply while you build, you need to contact a ‘Distribution Network Operator’ (DNO) for the connection and an ‘energy supplier’ to arrange a meter

The electricity distribution network in the UK is divided into some (related to where mountains, rivers, cities, etc., are located) areas, operated by a (more than two, but not a lot of) licensed distribution network operators who maintain the network and provide new connections.

The electricity itself is supplied and metered by energy suppliers who buy it in bulk from electrical generation companies. They then pay the DNO to transmit the power through their networks to the points of use.

As you will know if you have read the rest of our section on service connections, these connections can have lead times running into many weeks and can get complicated, so do your research early and know what to expect (some companies are now quoting 12 weeks from receipt of a complete application). Keep a log of your back-and-forth writing and don‘t be upset if you get passed around different departments or sub-contracted companies.